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Reasons for Account Suspension

Naimish Mehta
posted this on January 28, 2011 12:31 PM

A freelancer or Employer account can be suspended for non compliance with’s terms and conditions. Some of the reasons for account suspension are:

Freelancer account suspension:
- Freelancer has incomplete profile. He did not fill up most sections of profile;
- Freelancer fills up English profile in other language or French profile in other language;
- Freelancer includes contact information in his/her public CV/Résumé so as to be contacted directly by employers;
- Freelancer includes nonsense data or information in any of the required fields;
- Freelancer includes slandering information about in his profile.

Employer account suspension:

- Employer posts job description in multiple languagues or in a language other than English or French;
- Employer includes non sense data or information in any of the required fields;
- Employer includes slandering information in the posted job or while communicating with Freelancer.

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