Error Messages - Employer specific

1. Language used for job description – Required field
Please select the language used for job description.  You may choose English or French.

2. Job title – Required field
A job title is required to post a job.  Please enter a title that pertains to the role or job position you are looking contractors for.

3. Contact information – Required field
The system requires that you select contact information when posting a job.  

4. Deadline for application – Required field
You must provide the deadline for submitting an application to the job.

5. Estimated start date – Required field
You must provide the starting date for the job to begin. The start date must not be earlier than the date you post the job.

6. Length of job – Required field
You must provide the estimated duration of the job.  You may select the number of days, weeks, months or years.

7. Budget range – Required field
A budget range is required when posting a job.  You may choose the rate per hour, day, month or project in the following currencies – US Dollar $, EUR € or GBP £.  You must also indicate the hourly pay range in the budget slider (minimum of $3 per hour and maximum of $450 per hour).

8. Description – Required field
A job description is required to post a job.  Please describe the job which includes the role, responsibilities, and desired expertise. You may also provide a background on your organization.

9. Required skills – Set required skills to validate your job
Please provide the skills you are looking for.  You may choose more than 1 job expertise from the list.

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