Signing up in is free for both employers and contractors.  All users of the service are responsible for the data entered in the pages of their accounts as each user has a totally independent management of his/her profile.  However, there are guidelines that need to be considered when creating a profile or posting a job.  They should be in compliance  with rules and policies to make them compatible with the standard procedures for job applications and freelance recruitment on the site.

Please review the guidelines in this link ( when creating a profile or posting a job.

The moderation team approves and activates the profile or job after carefully evaluating the contents provided by a contractor or an employer.  If they see any violation, a notification/warning is sent including the requirements needed to update the profile or job and to make the necessary changes.  The moderator will then re-evaluate the profile/job for approval. If the contractor/employer does not comply with the requirements, the moderator may temporarily suspend the contractor account or permanently decline the employer job posting.

Upon suspension of an account, the contractor will not be able to apply to jobs. and employers will not be able to further post jobs.User will receive a message indicating the reason for suspension and the changes required in order for the account to be considered for reinstatement.   

In this situation, user will need to login to their account, make necessary changes and request reinstatement of their account. Our moderation team will then reinstate contractor/employer account after verification of requested changes.

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