Why was my profile moderated and suspended? Now I can’t apply to any job. What must I do?

At freelance.com, moderators verify all data and info given by users before publishing a profile. Some profiles are then suspended if contractor included contact information in his/her résumé to be contacted directly by employers or if  he/she included any details that may damage freelance.com’s image. This is why a moderator can suspend a Profile and/or temporarily cancel it. A contractor with a temporary suspended resume cannot apply for jobs.

Follow the instructions given in the account suspension message you receive. For instance, each part of the profile has to be consistently written in the same language (English, French, etc) in order to be approved and validated by the moderator. Please login to your account and make the necessary changes as per our request and use the "Update" button to request for reinstatement of your account. Our team of moderators will then reinstate your account after verification of requested changes.



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