What is a Business Manager and can I get in touch with one of them?

Business Managers are independent consultants who specialize in project management and recruitment and have extensive technical or functional expertise. They assess the needs of the client, undertakethe search for the right contractor, validate them and then support the contractor in their relationship with the client.
The freelance.com Business Managers represent the commercial and HR interface between the client (employer) who has requested a service, and the freelance contractors who provide the service.


When jobs are posted by Business Managers, you will have access to their contact information immediately after you apply to the job. You can also contact any Business Manager directly: http://www.freelance.com/en/contents/our-business-managers or by clicking here.

To find a Business Manager's details who is managing the job in order to write to him directly here how it works:

- Under the freelance/corp model of working, the name of the Business Manager and their contact information are made available to you after you have submitted your application. You will then be able to make direct contact with them if you wish, and perhaps provide additional information related to your application. When working under the freelance/direct model, your application is forwarded directly tot he employer (no intermediary), so it is up to them to directly manage the contractors' profiles they receive.

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