I have applied to a number of jobs on your site however I haven't received any reply yet. How long will it take to get a reply?

Responses for job applications highly depend on the availability and needs of the employer for the job. Employers will notify you directly if you are considered for the position.

There are several ways to get noticed by employes when applying to jobs. Here are some recommendations to attract employers and consider your job application.

1. Apply to jobs that match your skills and expertise (include a title for your CV which accurately describes your profession).
2. Make a good impression when writing your cover letter. Your cover letter application should be well-written and should attract the interest of the employer.
3. Make sure that your profile is currently updated with complete details (at least 60% of profile completeness). This will help enhance your competency level and increase the chance to be noticed by employers.

In order to make sure that your profile is as complete as possible, please include a CV/Resume in your file as an attachment (for many employers this is a systematic criteria of selection). 

When an employer finds you fit for the job, you will be contacted directly by the employer via the contact details you provided in your CV profile (in the "Personal information" section).
Think about updating your CV at the end of every job.

Job offers can be viewed in two ways, either directly on the website or through our daily mailing list. To sign up to the mailing list, please click here. You can also receive them via RSS feed or Twitter.

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