How will I get paid at for a job?

You are a freelancer: when a job is awarded to you, you are responsible in sending the invoice to the employer. You can make an arrangement with the employer directly on how and when you will be paid. is not responsible for the financial exchanges. The payment is in fact received outside the platform for any given job.


If your job was found by using one of our Business Managers then you are employed by In this case, it is to to whom you send your status updates and invoices. will therefore pay you.

For jobs where an employer has posted the job directly on the platform, you deal with them directly.


If the client is based abroad, here are the procedures to follow to invoice them:

Under the freelance/corp model, regardless of the place where the job is to be carried out, it is France or Morocco to whom you need to send your bills.

If you need to invoice the employer directly, here is some advice:

- If the client is based in the European Union, you are obliged to obtain their VAT number.

- In the event that the customer is based outside of the EU area, you need to look at the country where the work is being carried out, in order to determine where taxes will be applied and, if necessary, to appoint a tax representative.

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