Where can I find information on working as a contractor and how to apply to jobs as a freelancer?


If you wish to know more about working on a freelance basis, visit our FAQs pages.
You can visit our FAQs page for freelance contractors http://www.freelance.com/contents/faq-prestataires but also our FAQs page for employers http://www.freelance.com/contents/faq-donneurs-d-ordres.
There is also the contractor's Guide http://www.freelance.com/contents/le-guide-du-freelance and the contractor's blog http://blog.freelance.com/en/.



Steps to follow to apply to jobs as a contractor:

First, you need to post you CV/Resume and create a profile. You must know that your CV must be more than 60% completed to be seen and available to employers.

Second, apply for a job.

You can now get free access to our services.


Freelance.com is currently a bilingual platform (French/English) which allows contractors from all over the world to find international jobs.

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