What is a Business Manager and how can I get in touch with one of them?

Business Managers are experts and senior consultants specializing in recruitment (independent contractors, contractors working under an umbrella scheme or recruitment of employees), with extensive technical or functional expertise. They assess the needs of the client, undertake the search for the right contractor, validate them and then support the contractor in their relationship with the client. The freelance.com Business Managers represent the commercial and HR interface between the client (employer) who has requested a service, and the freelance contractors who provide the service. 

We have more than 70 Business Managers, all of whom are expert, senior consultants who specialize in the fields of IT, IT consultancy, marketing, communications or procurement.

Under the freelance/corp model, freelance.com will use both the Business Managers and an administrative team to completely take charge of all aspects of the job (administrative and financial tasks). Under the freelance/direct model, you must manage all of that directly with the contractor.

You are able to choose the Business Manager who best fits your criteria! Some corporate customers already have a working relationship with a Business Manager. You can also contact us at contact@freelance.com and we will recommend a Business Manager for you.

Under the freelance/direct model, it is up to you to regulate any possible diferences you may have with the contractor.

Under the freelance/corp model, the Business Manager will support you with all phases of your job, including taking on the role of mediator and facilitator with the contractor.
Furthermore, the legal department of freelance.com will ensure control of all stages and will intervene if necessary, adapting their response to each individual situation.

The intervention of the Business Manager in instances of dispute will not be billed additionally. This is just one of the many extra benefits you can enjoy under the freelance/corp model.

The Business Managers can help you find the most suitable candidate since they have mastered to perfection all search engines and the data base belonging to the freelance.com group.


You can reach them directly through this web page:http://www.freelance.com/en/contents/our-business-managers or click here to contact one of our Business Managers.

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