I have received applications in response to my job posting. How do I communicate with applicants and reject/invite them to apply?

When freelancers apply to your job, you get access to their profile and their email address if you have selected "Direct" as the hiring method. To respond to applicants, you will need to contact them directly (by email or by phone) from your personal email account through the contact details which they have provided in their profile.

If you have chosen the "Corp" hiring method, then you will not have access to the applicants' list since the whole process will be managed by the assigned Business Manager.

In the Dashboard, select the tab "My published jobs" to view the list of contractors who applied for the job. Select the name of the applicant whose profile you want to view.


If you have not signed up for a purchase plan, you will see the "Contact now" button which will give you purchase options.



After paying the purchase access, you are given full access to the applicants' profile and direct contact information details. 


Inviting a contractor involves simple steps.
Firstly, you will need to use the contractor search feature to identify the suitable contractor(s) for your job posting, and then use the "invite this contractor to apply" link from the contractor's CV/Profile.


Contractor(s) will be emailed the invitation to apply for your job, and you will be notified as soon as they submit their application. However, please note that you will need to have posted a job before you can invite contractors to apply.


To hire or reject an applicant, in the Employer dashboard select the job title to view the list of applicants for the job. Under the "application status", click on the appropriate action in the drop down selection to confirm or reject an applicant.


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