How can I filter and view the jobs based on status?

In the Dashboard page, you can select the status view under "My Jobs" tab and filter the jobs using the following options:

Pending –Jobs that have been submitted for approval  but pending moderation by moderator.

Moderated – jobs that have been rejected by the moderator; they will be sent a notification specifying  the violation, and will be given a chance to edit the job and resubmit it for approval.

Hiring Open – jobs that have been opened and approved by the moderator.

Reopen – jobs that have been reopened by the employer; these jobs cannot be edited and will not require any moderation.

Hiring Closed –means that the employer no longer accepts any more applications for the job and therefore, contractors can not apply to this job. However employer can re-open this job and receive further applications from other contractors.

Draft – jobs that have been saved in draft status; employer may still edit the job in Draft status.

Closed – means the employer has finished the hiring process and finalized an applicant for the job, or they may have decided to cancel the job for some reason.

Inappropriate – jobs that have been permanently rejected by's moderators; employer will not be able to resubmit the job that has been flagged as inappropriate.

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