Direct vs. Corp Hiring method?

Employers are not forced to select the hiring method when posting a job. However, there are limitations when the hiring method has not been selected.  Employer will not be able to access the contact information of the applicants including the CV/Resume attachment.

Direct –employers manage the hiring process; once the purchase option is selected, the employer will be directed to the Order Form to make a payment. Once the payment has been made, the employer will have full access to the applicants’ information including their contact details.

The freelance/direct model puts the contractors (freelancers) into direct contact with the employers (businesses). This model is completely free (posting of job offers and consultation of CVs). You only have to pay when actually contacting somebody.

Corp – the job will be assigned to a Business Manager who will assist the employer throughout the hiring process.  Choosing this hiring method will not show the applicants' list as the whole process will be managed by a Business Manager assigned to the project.

This is the founding business model of, proven for over 15 years, and one which has managed more than 20,000 jobs and given satisfaction to many customers (including many companies on the CAC 40).
Under the freelance/corp model, the employers ask one of our Business Managers to identify, select and continuously monitor the tasks entrusted to the contractors.

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