What's the difference between the freelance/direct ONESHOT access and the freelance/direct SUBSCRIPTION plan?

When you choose and pay for the ONESHOT option, you will have full access to the personal contact details of all contractors who have applied to your job offer. You will therefore be able to easily manage your candidates' answers.
You will also be able to post and publish your job offers for free. The keywords on your job description will help target to whom your offer should be broadcast.

Freelance/direct ONESHOT is more for employers who post jobs occasionaly.


The subscription plan provides an unlimited access to our contractors' database for all your jobs for a duration of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. This access also allows you to publish as many job offers as you wish, to look at your candidates' full profile and CV/Resume, but also to have access to to CV/Resumes of profiles which interest you thanks to the keyword based search for contractors. If you are interested in a profile, you can then directly contact the contractor to propose him/her a job.

You will also save costs by chosing this access because with an average cost per application of less than 2€, you get high quality value!

Freelance/direct SUBSCRIPTION is more for employers who post jobs frequently.

Visit the following page http://www.freelance.com/en/direct to learn more about our offers.

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