I posted a job. How will I pay the contractor?

When a contractor completed the job, he/she is responsible in sending the invoice for their work. You can make an arrangement with the contractor directly on how and when he/she will get paid. Freelance.com is not responsible for the financial exchanges and contractors may receive payments outside of our platform.

Under the freelance/direct model, the contractor will invoice you directly. You must then pay the contractor directly.

Under the freelance/corp model, our admin team will invoice you for services carried out on your behalf and validated by you, and will take care of any payments to the contractor(s) so that regardless of the situation and the number of contractors working on a job for you, your admin team will only ever have to deal with one supplier, freelance.com.

If the contractor is located remotely, depending on the model chosen, signing the contract varies.

If you choose the freelance/corp model, you will again be able to benefit from the advantages of this model. You actually contract with freelance.com and so the Business Manager and our admin team manage the exchange of contracts for you.

Under the freelance/direct model, you have the freedom to choose whether to do this via email or via fax. You can choose the way you want things to be done and managed.

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