What is the process of hiring a freelancer and can I hire multiple contractors in one posted job?

First Step:
Select a hiring method between the freelance.com/direct model and the freelance.com/corp model.

Second Step:
Purchase your preferred way of access.
Under freelance.com/direct model there are 2 options. Choose one between:

  • freelance / direct SUBSCRIPTION
  • freelance / direct ONESHOT

Third Step:

Complete the payment to access the contractors’ contact details to initiate the hiring process.

Fourth Step:

To award the job:

  • Log into your account or click on dashboard.
  • Click on the job title under the tab “My published job(s)”.
  • Select the “Confirmed” option next to the contractor’s name in the      “application status” drop-down list if the contractor has to be hired.
  • You may select any option and the prospective contractor is informed about it.

You may also send a job offer to any contractor from their respective profile.

You can in fact also hire multiple contractors for one posted job.

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