Should the name of my company remain anonymous? What information should I provide about my business?

It is advisable to complete all fields that could identify you (name of the company, web and physical address, name of the contact person requesting the services, contact email address and telephone contact) at the time of registering and validation of registration. To ensure the prompt publication of your application, the "description" field should never contain personal information.

As a minimum, you must provide the information required by law - in France for example:

  1. In all instances, you must provide the following documents:
    • The original of the certificate of social security (dated within the last 6 months) as issued by the social welfare agency responsible for collecting dues and social security contributions on behalf of the CONTRACTOR.
    • The international community of freelance contractors (several hundred thousand people), IT specialists who have available profiles.
  2. When the registration of the CONTRACTOR in the business and commercial register, or the business directory is obligatory, or when it is a regulated profession, one of the following documents:
    1. An extract from the registration on the business and companies register (K [for sole traders] or K bis [for companies])
    2. An ID card justifying the registration in the business directory
    3. An estimate, an advertising document or professional correspondence, provided these mention the name or company name, the full address and registration number on the business and commercial register or on the register of professions or inclusion on a list or table of a professional body, or the reference of the approval issued by the competent authority;
    4. A receipt stating that a report has been made at a business registration centre, for a company, corporation or individual in the process of being registered.
  1. When the CONTRACTOR has employees, a sworn statement made by the CONTRACTOR on the date upon which the contract was signed, and every six months thereafter until the end of the contract and the completion of work by the employees regularly employed in compliance with Articles L. 1221-10, L. 3243-2 and R. 3243-1.
  2. A list of names of foreign employees employed by the CONTRACTOR and awarded work permits as specified in Article L.5221-2.

This list , drawn up from the individual registration of staff, will include for each employee:

  • Date when the employee was hired
  • Their nationality
  • The type and number of their permit authorizing them to work

All documents and certificates noted above must be in French or accompanied by a French translation.

When providing international services, WTO member countries also require the equivalent of its own documents, with varying degrees of differences as suited to their economic and political situations.

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